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get quizzed quiz game

A vanilla Javascript project that tests the user on general knowledge. Matching the correct answer with the user's selected was the biggest challenge in the project. Although not 100% complete as some styling and seperation of concerns needs to be addressed, it is a functional interactive quiz.

Chris Carr photograhy

A major revamp of my photography site. Built with react and react-photo-gallery package. Feel free to explore the site which is hosted on github pages.

Neighbourhood maps

A React app that uses Google Maps API to display a list of 'filterable' pizza and burger restuarant markers on a map.

Memory match

A digital rendition of the classic card game - concentration.

Christopher Carr Photography

The very first website I built to showcase my photography work and has been rebuilt using React and the skills I learnt over the past few years.

Gif search

A simple react app that uses the Giphy API to search for and display the top Giphy gifs(not jifs).

Employee directory

A vanilla Javascript app that uses AJAX to show a grid of fictional employee data.

Pixel art maker

A vanilla JS app that allows the user to change the colour of little grid squares to create simple pixelated art


I'm an aspiring and passionate web developer from London, UK.

As a hard working individual I am driven to doing the best I can to start a career as a front end developer.

I love and enjoy creating great user interactions and things for the web. I'm most comfortable working with HTML, CSS, Javascript. React is my JS library of choice however, I'm open minded to learning new tech, frameworks, and libraries to broaden my skill set.

While not working full-time as a compliance coordinator, I work on personal front end projects to learn more to strengthen my skills.


If you would like to discuss web developer stuff, have valuable critisism about this site or any of the projects showcased here, or have a possible opportunity for me, then please get in touch.

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